“No other country in the world has such a prestigious and rich artistic heritage as Italy and I think this is a huge potential that can be better exploited thanks to the initiative of private companies and entrepreneurs. Commented Umberto Galassini, CEO of Bonduelle Italia – “Bonduelle has decided to stand by its commitment to restoring an important Italian monument by launching a dedicated line of salads. We felt it important and proper to take up this opportunity-challenge now, for I believe that companies and citizens alike are developing a new sensitivity that grasps the importance and innovative thrust of this kind of initiative.”


Cultural heritage is a value but we must know our history if we want to build a future with new perspectives; and culture has an important development potential around which new job opportunities can be created. These concepts stand as the basis from which “Gli Orti per l’Arte”, develops. The project has a national scope that aims to give a small yet concrete contribution towards promoting Italy’s cultural heritage. It is a challenge that an international leader in vegetables retailing such as Bonduelle takes up and carries forward with conviction. The initiative takes strength from understanding our past, assigning value to those places and artistic expressions that have always represented the beauty and uniqueness of our country. While respecting these values, from this long legacy a line of products has been developed that comes from an ethos of land cultivation, another Italian cornerstone. It will be used to showcase an awareness campaign so that the culture of art and the spirit of belonging enter everyone’s homes with renewed vigour through an unconventional instrument: a salad bag. The format will be seven different salads, proposed in innovative packs for the fourth range bearing bears all the news of the activities including the QR (Quick Read) code, which allows direct access to the dedicated website. It’s the result of a team effort that we believe will start up winning schemes together with the large retailers and their customers in a logic that goes beyond the dynamics of the market and the laws of the competition. In sum, it is an innovative way to promote the company and its people; it is a way to bring families into contact a new dish that may stimulate debate around the subject of art.